stud1 [ stʌd ] noun *
▸ 1 small piece of metal
▸ 2 sexually attractive man
▸ 3 wooden support for wall
▸ 4 male animal for breeding
▸ 5 type of card game
1. ) count a small piece of metal that sticks up from the surface of something, usually as a decoration:
a jacket covered with metal studs
a ) a small piece of jewelry on a short metal post that is worn through a part of your body:
ear/nose/tongue stud
b ) a small piece of metal on a short metal base that decorates or fastens clothing
c ) a small piece of metal on a tire to prevent slipping on snow and ice
2. ) count INFORMAL a man who is admired for being sexually attractive and good at sex:
He thinks he's such a stud.
3. ) count a wooden support for a wall in a building
4. ) count a valuable male animal with good qualities, especially a horse or BULL that people BREED to produce young animals
a ) a group of male horses kept together for BREEDING
b ) put out/retire to stud to keep a male animal that no longer works for BREEDING:
When Ebony grew too old to race they put him out to stud.
5. ) uncount a type of POKER (=card game):
seven-card stud
stud 2 [ stʌd ] verb transitive usually passive
to be in many different places in an area or on the surface of something:
Thousands of colored stones studded the walls.
stud something with something: a dark sky studded with stars

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

, , / (for ornament), / (for a shirt-bosom)

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